Thursday, September 25, 2014

Agents Of Shield Season Two Premiere

AGENTS of SHIELD took a few weird character turns but I can excuse it's new quirks because we need some time to get used to the changes around everyone's favorite super spy agency since last season's finale.

Great to see Patton Oswald and Lucy Lawless in the premiere. I also especially enjoyed the way they used Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man. His powers were always very cool and the way they did the effects here were spectacular. I want to see more of him and these kind of low level villains that are perfect for SHIELD to be dealing with. Just powerful enough to be a seriously credible threat but not anything powerful enough for the Avengers to deal with.

Also please give me more of the Howling Commandos. Not enough this time. Every episodes should start with a five minute sequence of their wartime exploits. Sometimes to advance the plot in the future and sometimes just to have some fun.



Mike D. said...

The Agent Carter series is going to be a period piece no? So we'll see more of the Howlers I am sure !!!

Rob R said...

I LOVED seeing the Howling Commandos! A completely unexpected, but welcome, surprise!