Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quick Cuts

I got the Howard Stern Show on the IPad yesterday and listened to it as I cleaned the garage. It was the first time I found a use for the IPad where it REALLY made my life and my chores better. I was able to hear the tributes to Eric The Actor which made for a great show. Welcome to the future, Cal.

Gotham was a good as I hoped it would be. I will never forget that cry of anguish from the depth of Bruce Wayne's soul. I am so interested in seeing how this young boy will turn his grief into steely determination by the sheer power of his will. The show is brilliantly cast and you need to get in from the beginning even if you are not a comic book or Batman fan.

The Buggles and this song (of all things) started the Video and Information Age. If you are a child of a certain age you know what I am talking about. Everything changed after this song. Argue with me if you want but you all know I am right. Know your history, people or it's Luftballoons for everyone.

Thanks to Brother Jeremy over at Being Retro

I could defeat all these hillbillies in a WEEKEND of facial growth.
Just saying.
Thanks so much to Erik for turning me onto this site that is FULL of cartoons like the Justice League, Batman the Brave and the Bold and my beloved Kim Possible. Now I have something great to watch when I wait for hours at the plastic surgeon today. Best link news this week.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey Cal, while the plastic surgeon's digging the shrapnel out of your face, get him to give you the "George Clooney" makeover while he's about it. WTF, won't medicare cover it?

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Wait are you telling me I never shared a link to this site to you before?! That seems very unlike me. Its a cornucopia of cartoons. I've been using it to binge re-watch the first season of "Gravity Falls" myself.

Kal said...

He said he can't make that 'Clooney' work with what he had to work with. He lucky to make me presentable to people who visit the Circus. If I am lucky.