Friday, September 19, 2014

Cave Of Cool This Week for those of you who want to see the origins of the movie Guardians on the printed page. I remember when the team looked TOTALLY different and only included Yondu who was a much different character but still had his famous 'whistle arrow'. - Kelly wrote a great review of Guardians of the Galaxy on his site that you have to read. It reminded me of all the reasons I love the movie in the first place and why I will love it when I watch it again on the big TV.

 Crossing Lines is a great show about a crime investigation team working across European borders. Cool international locations and a strong cast headed by William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland. Season two just began so now is a good time to catch up on the intrigue.

 This is the new Miss America. A blond girl whose talent was sitting on the floor playing her red cup and singing the song 'Happy'. So now every girl I ever met at a house party will think she can be Miss America?

 Oh Matador, if loving you in wrong, then I don't want to be right. It's ten episode season ends tonight but the show has already been picked up for a second slate of thirteen episodes. I expect many things NOT to be resolved tonight but that is okay knowing that I have another season of this great foolishness to enjoy. It's really the most FUN show I have watched this year. Next to the Last Ship and The Strain, it's up with the year's best shows for me. This is one show that I can't write in my own head because no matter what I could think up, it would never compare to what I see on screen. It's like the show knows which direction to go in to please me the most and then does just that.

It took the best twist ever in episode nine which then made for an awesome episode ten. There is a line that Tony says that totally rewards those of us who have been watching all season. No one is cooler under pressure than Tony Bravo, our undercover/ CIA/ soccer player and Alfred Molina reminds me with every line why he is so much fun to watch when he gets a meaty role to chew on. I don't usually feel sorry for anyone who misses out on a show I like because that is the nature of popular entertainment - not all things will appeal to all people. However, in this case I pity anyone who didn't enjoy Matador's first season.

 I gained five pounds with my latest weigh-in. I am not so upset because I really haven't been exercising all that much this summer. I have my food under control but need to rev up the metabolism in the mornings if I want to get back on track. I find it much easier to get in a good workout when the weather gets colder for some reason so fitting in a nice walk isn't difficult these days.
I post nothing that people want to discuss or even comment on.
It's all very discouraging lately.
Even the visits have dropped.
I have outlived my usefulness.

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