Sunday, September 21, 2014

And People Ask Why I Prefer Pepsi To Coke

These are the bottles from ICELAND. Look at the stupid names on the bottles? I can get a HETTI but STILL no CALVIN?? Coke is just another global corporation whose sole purpose is to keep me down. Me and all the other Calvins in this world. All we wanted was a bike license plate and a bottle of pop with our names of it. But you were short sighted and selfish so now you have created an enemy for life. I hope you are all happy.



j-swin said...

That's why I steer clear of the whole cola quaigmire and stick with dr pepper. Throw a little sailor jerry rum in there and it's a party!

david_b said...

My girlfriend's name is Pat.

"How hard is that..?"

Seriously.., I looked for months.



Found 'David' on first day.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

If Coke was smart, they'd have a feature on their website where you could custom-order a name and pay big bucks to have it put on your special bottle.