Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cosmo Needs To Be In The Next Guardians Movie As A Member Of The Team

Because there is nothing better than a dog from the Soviet Space Age who has telepathic powers after an accident in space sent him to the furthest ends of the galaxy. He was already in the first Guardians movie if you remember. He would be a great addition to the sequel. Nathan Fillion is connected to the role as the voice much in the same way Bradley Cooper did the voice for Rocket Raccoon.
That’s Cosmo the Space Dog, played by a dog named Fred, according to the end credits. In the Marvel comics, Cosmo was shot into space during the height of the Soviet Space Program, where, eventually, he gained the power of telepathy and became the head of security in Knowhere — which, in the movie, is the mining colony that houses Tivan’s Collection. Of course, in Guardians of the Galaxy, Cosmo also appears to still be just a dog. Perhaps we shall see more of his journey in the sequel?



Debra She Who Seeks said...

His Russian accent sounds as cheesy and outrageous as Pavel Chekov's!

Kal said...

And that is what makes it so great. He comes from that time in history.