Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Day With Undercover Brother

Today was panic time. I have been having problems with my computer. After five or so years of love my hard drive is going down. I had trouble even starting my computer today and went most of the day without access. That of course makes me crazy because my computer is my life.

The IPad mini is not like having a full sized computer at one's disposal and I only have You Tube and cartoons to watch on it. It's hard to multitask on the smaller device so I did research on new computers and watched Undercover Brother on the satellite. One of the best Neil Patrick Harris movies out there.

I managed through magic or karma, to get my computer operating tonight. I spent most of the past hour transferring pictures to disks - something we all need to do. My captions are preserved in several places like Tumblr, this blog and Facebook. My only true worry today was catching up on my taped shows. I wonder if I can transfer my favorite movie files to the cloud and then retrieve them at a later time when I upgrade my system by the end of the month. It's time.


j-swin said...

Nothing is worse than computer troubles. I hate that we're so dependent on technology but Christ help me if I can't troll eBay or bing Wonder Woman. The internet gods have us by the short and curlys and know when we've been lapsed.

Kal said...

I really felt uncomfortable this morning because I had to look for other things to fill my time. I also miss multitasking. I did manage to clean the garage and went for a long walk so I survived one day....but longer than that and I will be a crazy man walking the streets and collecting cans.