Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bootleg Monster High Dolls?

These are sold in China and copy most everything about the standard Monster High dolls which are coincidentally made in China. I have had little luck finding out more about this line of toys on the Internet which makes me suspect they are not a product that anyone wants to draw too much attention to - lest lawsuits develop. China is famous for knock-offs but usually they are not so exact, right down to the package design and the little skull motif.

Then English on the package is also bad and looks like it was translated by someone with only a rudimentary understanding of the language. These dolls also have none of the monster touches that make the Monster High figures so great.


Mike D. said...

Usually knock off figures like these and the oh so comical Super hero knock offs are sold at Chain variety discount stores run mostly by persons of an Asian persuasion...of varying ethnicities in my area. There was one shop that I know of in my area that was good for carrying knock off action figures but the building they used to be in was torn down. A Home Depot now resides in that location

Mike D. said...

Pardon me.... Remove the word chain from my last comment :)

Kal said...

It's okay. I am hoping to see these show up in the same kind of establishment.

noone said...

I collect bootleg as well as genuine MH and EAH dolls. I run a group on Flickr devoted to bootlegs (or fakies as I call them).

I actually like the ones in your picture, especially the tan Holt. With a little bit of tweaking you could turn him into a OOAK. I don't usually buy them for the clothes, and sometimes I have to toss the bodies. But if you know where to get them, you can find some really unique stuff.

Lately it's been very hard to find fakies in the US, they seem to be more prominent in the Ukraine though...and I have been trying to find a way to buy them there.