Monday, September 29, 2014

Cold Cuts

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The FIRST Sunday comic strip published in "The World" with sequential comic panels on January 28th, 1894. I have no idea what the story is supposed to be about. I suspect the store owner has had a coat stolen off a display in front of this store. So he had a torture coat designed so that the next time the thief would be punished. Then the store owner goes to jail. Everyone laughs. The end.

I had a lot of fun with SCORPION. I like those kind of shows where the geniuses solve problems too big for the US Government. It's been done to death and I watch every time. The premiere was well written and exciting to watch. All I can ask for since I lost More Than Human and Intelligence last year. This will be my spy show for this year. I never watched Chuck but I hear I should.
Yeh, bitches. My heart aches most for you humans.
I have been having problems with my computer. I hate that especially when I have series that I have been saving up to binge watch. I am making a list now of what I may lose if my hard drive crashes this week so I can replace them. The comics will be hardest to round up again, I wonder if I can just upload everything to the cloud and download it back again once I upgrade my system??

Hell on Wheels was once again fantastic television tonight. Anson Mount is a hero for the ages and there is nothing I love better than a good old fashion western street fight and prison train rescue.

This week I am going to the temporary Halloween store to see if I can get myself a nice life sized plastic Captain America shield (what kid didn't always want one). I already have a metal one but I want to keep that tin can lid in the box.

In recent years these two month stores have opened in or local mall which they FILL with a huge variety of Halloween accessories and costumes. I am not going to dress up this year because I have no friends to party with but I LOVE shopping for the toy weapons and other fun pieces.


Unknown said...

Glad to see you back. You had me worried there a minute. Alas I am not tech savy enough to offer advice but just had to say its good to see you up and running.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like wandering through those temporary Halloween stores too. Lots of fun stuff to look at!

Mike said...

Im looking forward to that Scorpion show. It looks good