Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Being John Malkovich, Sandro Miller

These pictures are why the Internets were invented.
Big fan of Malkovich for doing these. I have liked most everything he has done but my favorite movie of his is Shadow of the Vampire with the criminally under awarded Willem Dafoe.

And who could forget Crossbones? In only ten episodes you get a spectacular pirate yarn. Many good character actors in this one as well as interesting side stories to keep you involved. They really create the world of the pirate. I would watch a whole season of Thomas Lowe, Physician. The lead character opposing Blackbeard is like the James Bond of the 1600s. Malkovich, however is the real gem here. He once again just chews the scenery as a great Blackbeard. This series only got stronger as it went along and the finale was very satisfying - something rare for series television. If you are looking for a fun weekend binge watch, you couldn't do wrong with Crossbones.

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Mike D. said...

He looks like Ben Kingsley in the Picasso pic