Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cold Cuts

Through my own genius I have managed to fix the power supply on my computer. It probably won't last long but it gives me time to save all the pictures that I had scanned. And all my toy pictures are already saved on digital and the comics I already have saved on disk. All I need to do is hope to catch up on my shows. You never realized what piles up when you can't access the content you need to see.

As usual, Joe Friday, I am hopped up on goofballs.

I never realized how truly long 24 hours is when I don't have something to occupy my brain. Or maybe ten somethings at the same time. That is a good day for me. I have lots to do and listen to. I was going nuts organizing lose action figures. Damn those little pieces. They all have a character to be with and sometimes it's a bit monotonous.

 Vampire Hunter Kit

"Cased vampire killing kit, in a rosewood and ebony case with inlaid silver stringing and mother-of-pearl inlaid plaque. Contents include a black powder percussion 2-barrel pistol, a powder horn and bullet mold, bone handled dagger with crucifix, three small crucifixes, mallet and two wooden stakes, book of common prayer, two small framed portraits of Jesus, holy water and four glass vials with crystals.

Speaking of my favorite shows, I am glad I watched this week's episode of The Strain before anything else once I got my hardrive working again. That show continues to break my heart while scaring the hell out of me. The evil is TRUE evil and it must be destroyed - once you are usually first to kill someone close to you who has been turned into a vampire.

 I am a big fan of the relationship between the rat catcher and the computer hacker. And boy do I want to see some great vengeance heaped upon that evil Nazi bastard. He's got it coming to him. I hate those fucking guys. The old man will take him out with his final breath, or that is what I hope happens. I still don't know who the half vampires in the military gear are. Any theories?. Hope you are watching too. We truly live in a Golden Age of storytelling and The Strain is as good as it gets.

Caption Time



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Hm. I don't remember a hacker from the books. I have a theory that the military half vampires may be a way of introducing Quinlin earlier on, since he did seem to come out of nowhere in book three so it was hard to see him as anything other than "Blade in all but the name".

Kal said...

I have to read the book and the graphic novels.

Kal said...

No blonde girl who shut down the internet.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Through my own genius I have managed to fix the power supply on my computer." So where is Wile E Coyote's "genius" business card? It should have been posted as your first graphic, LOL!

Kal said...

Of course you are correct.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's more like it!