Monday, June 22, 2009

American Idiots

Now I love my American brothers and sisters but you got some serious 'wackadoos' in your country. The Right have no idea about what is the best course of action for dealing with Iran and that is clear from their demands that Obama wade hip deep into the whole issue by forcefully condemning Iran and becoming more involved in the democracy movement in that country. They somehow have forgotten that to get more involved is just what the leaders of Iran want so they can focus the rage of their people on the 'Great Satan' as opposed to themselves and their failed policies. Has the Right learned NOTHING from the past eight years? The Republicans (and the military industrial complex they support) would rather make the world a more dangerous place than a safer one because there is no money to be made in peace. There may come a time when America's support is needed but that time is not now. The Iranians have to work this out for themselves. President Obama is doing the exact thing he should by shutting up about the issue. America seems to think at times that they are the ONLY ones who know what is best and how the world should be run. To quote Dr Phil - "How is that workin for ya?" Most Americans have never travelled outside their country or even been 100 miles from their hometowns. To me that is the prime reason for their ignorance about world affairs. It was that exact attitude that caused 911 and cost the country trillions for an unnecessary war in Iraq - not to mention the loss of respect in a dangerous part of the world. They have NO credibility left when it comes to trying to force change in the Middle East.


The League said...

Be gentle in condemning the US. The majority didn't vote for Bush in 2000. We didn't re-elect Bush policies by proxy via McCain in 2008. We are routinely asked to be the world's police force and peace broker. There are many, many people living here who do not get to blame "those a-holes over there" , but get to live right next door to those a-holes. We write letters to our elected officials, show up for the protest march, debate our friends and family about governmental policy, etc... and we would like for their country to not slide into the cruelty and arrogance of an empire-building nation (find me a nation who has exerted global influence, and I'll find you a nation whose mistakes were magnified 1000-fold).

As an American, believe me, I'd love it if one of these nations full of well educated, well-traveled folk would take the reins. (Btw.. I have no idea which Americans you're meeting, but be very careful before repeating the "100 miles, never leave the country" bit before repeating as fact. I can't think of a single person to whom I could apply the first rule, and the few to whom I could apply the second is deeply wrapped up in our geography vis-a-vis the cost of travel. if you want to bag on our poor for not spending their money to see Europe instead of a roof over their heads, then you and I will simply have to agree to disagree).

Its easy to cast "Americans" as the enemy, and I don't blame anyone for being frustrated with Bush (and I've been putting up with him since he was governor, circa 1994). And to cast 911 as penance paid for crimes - the major crime which was supporting Israel, followed closely by the crime of, basically, being America. I'd note that Canada basically is guilty of both, as well.

The idea that Obama should get involved in the Iranian election is largely a media fabrication. Nobody amplifies an erument nobody is having like a 24-hours news cycle and a struggling party flailing about for an issue that will gain traction.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I appreciate your response to my post and agree that I am seeing things from across the border which gives me a far different perspective than the one you enjoy. I will admit to overgeneralizing on the point about the insular nature of America and its unfortunate that only those voices are ever heard.

Wings1295 said...

It is sad that the only voices ever heard are the loud and obnoxious ones, or the ones that generate ratings. Don't get into politics much myself, but I sometimes wish we could fix the problems IN the US before we start trying to fix problems OUTSIDE the US.