Monday, June 29, 2009

Steampunk Sky Machines

I seem to be of a steampunk mind today. The future past designs of these vehicles are very interesting. Someone the other day mentioned to me that the skies would be filled with airships if the Hindenburg hadn't burned and Hitler had won the war. More than likely we would have our flying Nazi cars and Nazi jet packs. Sure they were pure evil but they had sharp uniforms and could really engineer some nice military hardware. No wonder both the Soviets and the USA kidnapped all the German scientists they could get their hands on after WWII to work on their space programs. This exchange from the movie 'The Right Stuff' occured just after the success of Sputnik.

President Lyndon Johnson - "Was it them...was it their Germans?"

Werner Von Braun - "No Senator. Our Germans are better than their Germans."

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