Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool Model Kits

Saw this ad today for a couple of 'Strange Change' model kits that I would love to have, especially the time machine one at the bottom of the page. Why can't the time traveller ever just go to the past, pick up some cheap action figures, avoid kissing or dating his mom, and then just come home? But no. They always run into dinosaurs or land in the middle of a war or anything else that seperates them from their time machine. I just don't get it. As usual click to enlarge.


Wings1295 said...

DAMN, those are nice! Those are the model kits I wish I had as a kid. But, that said, I did enjoy building my Fred Flintstone and his brontosaurs. :)

Reis O'Brien said...

I hereby declare these model kits to be AWESOME!

wiec? said...

i think after about an hour or so my brain should be fine. the Dracula one literally broke my brain.

insanely awesome stuff Cal. thanks for sharing.