Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conspiracy Theories

Over at 'Cause for Concern' I read the best response to the whole drama happening in Iran these days.

"So Israel's had their panties in a jam to bomb the hell out of Iran for a while now. And then Iran has to go and get all election-y and potentially be "not so bad" in the near future. So Israel and probably the CIA or NSA quietly digs their claws into Iran, undermines the election so that everyone's favorite devil - Ahmadinejad - is solidly in place and all is well and good and back to par. The status quo remains and Israel's bombs can fall.

Not sure how N. Korea's shenanigans are going to factor into that, but it can't be good."

You know..that is JUST the way it probably went. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. My own fault for thinking otherwise. After all, there is not money to be made in peace. Either that or its a conspiracy by Twitter. We were THIS close to that thing dying. And of course the one behind all the trouble is the bunny with the eye patch and the bald kid with the octopus on his head.

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Wings1295 said...

Where do you find your pics? That last one is just creepy! Interesting take on the whole thing.