Friday, June 26, 2009

Marmaduke Explained

FINALLY I found a site that settles those nagging questions that keep me up at night. Have you ever seen a comic that for some reason is so complex and 'left-brained' that you wish you had someone with the insight necessary to make everything clear? Well I am overjoyed to share "JOE MATHLETE EXPLAINS TODAY'S MARMADUKE" with all of you who are perplexed by the subtle shading and complex social commentary of that wacky Great Dane Marmaduke. More proof that there is a place on the interwebs for everyone and everything.

"Marmaduke's owner-man can justify it however he wants, but there is only one explanation: he lets Marmaduke dig because he is a big pussy."

"Marmaduke is dead."

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Wings1295 said...

Here is another great one:

Here Mr. Beautiful tries to make sense of each day's Lockhorns comic. Great fun!