Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Resign From Adulthood Meme

'Lists Galore' had a post about stopping to be a grown-up and going back to being a kid to avoid all the responsibilties of adulthood. However, as my life is right now, I can pretty much avoid most of those demands placed on an adult. No family, no friends, no need to work at anything more stressful than losing weight - I kinda got it made. But in a perfect world...

I wish I could spend each rainy day in a big leather chair reading the box of comic books my mother had brought home from her work in a hotel for incoming servicemen and their families.

I wish I could pack a lunch and just walk with my friends to the far off hill that we called Rudy's Mountain for all the adventure we could squeeze into 16 hours. Why Rudy's Mountain - I never figured that out because no one we knew was named Rudy.

I wish I could pick chesnuts that had fallen from the centuries old trees we would climb. Then I would string a shoelace through them so we could smash them against each other to see which one was stronger.

I wish I could play baseball on a team three times a week. Wearing those uniforms and smelling the leather of the glove DEFINED summer for me back in the day.

I wish I could escape my yard at night and sneak around the base hoping to get the military police to chase me and my friends because we were in violation of curfew. Being fast on your bike and knowing which trails to speed down led to real cat and mouse games.

I wish I could go off to Cadet Camp. Sure is was intense at time but you never had a better bonding experience with kids your age from around the country. Where else could you canoe or sail one day, shoot rifles the next and be in the Calgary Stampede parade each summer?

I wish I could attend the movies at the triple drive-in my hometown used to have. Ten bucks a carload was made more fun when you could convince somone or several someones to hide in the trunk of the car so that they could get in for free.

I wish my parents would take me and my sister to foreign lands and immerse us into the culture by taking us to museums, cultural festivals and historic sites. Those times spend with my dad teaching me about the past was some of the best in my life.


PancerBali said...

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Wings1295 said...

Grest post, Cal. Sounds like some real good times. :)