Monday, June 29, 2009

The Snaefell

"Cars have always been the preserve of those who seek safety and motorcycles have been the preserve of those who seek adventure, so if you seek both adventure and safety, why not have a car and a bike combined, seems to be opinion of Francois Knorreck who has just designed the Snaefell. The Snaefell is a motorcycle that comes with an attached car instead of an open sidecar that some motorcycles come with. He took nearly ten years and more than $20,000 to get this unique vehicular mod ready."

It would be very cool if the bike seperated from the sidecar when you needed to dump that extra weight. The car could contain all the missiles and other arms you needed to fight Cobra in the big cities and then detatch in time for you to make your escape down some narrow alleyway.


Wings1295 said...

Sometimes two great tastes DON'T taste great together.

Unknown said...

only 20 grand to mod that?

Darius Whiteplume said...

That must have seriously low turn radius. Gots to have your missiles though. A mini-gun would be nice too :-)