Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beaver Fever

Neatorama has a cool article about Beavers that contains many interesting facts like these ones...

"Water is music to beaver ears

Or at least, music they can’t stand. The sound of running water is a beaver’s main motivator in building a dam. A scientist once performed a study where they placed speakers beside a beaver dam that were continually playing the sound of running water. The beavers built up their dams by the speaker until it effectively was silenced. The noise drives them mad."

Can't you just see them on the river's edge..."MAKE IT STOP! Please tell the voices to make that trickling STOP!"

Canada Loves Them…But Almost Killed Them All

"Beaver is the Canadian national animal and is depicted on the Canadian five cent piece and their first pictorial stamp issued in 1849. The beavers were highly loved in part due to their fur, which was widely sought after up until the mid-19th century. It was so widely adored that the animal was almost hunted to extinction in Canada. If the fur trade hadn’t stopped when it did, the Canadian national animal might be little more than a memory to its residents"

I blame all you fashionable Europeans.

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Ricky Shambles said...

This reminds me of a childhood trip to Niagra Falls (the Canadian side, of course - way better), and walking into one of the shops off Clifton Hill where my young eyes were privy to a t-shirt with a cartoon-y woman lifting up her dress to reveal a smiling beaver. The caption read: "If you're Canadian then show me your beaver."

I do so love Canada.