Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cartoon Lagoon

These are some cartoons that for some reason I had totally forgotten about. I remember that Mighty Heroes and Birdman were my two favorites as a kid but I had to see it on another site to realize that and have my memory tweeked. Can you blame me though? The Mighty Heroes just didn't work all that hard on their superhero names. Seeing what halfwits most of the heroes were, its no wonder they put the baby in charge and the baby is what I remembered the most. The villians had that cool and funky Big Daddy Roth look to them. The other cartoon is Luno the White Stallion. I remember asking my mother for a flying horse toy so that I could say the magic words and get him to fly me wherever I wanted to go. Never happened but I did learn that if I was ever swallowed by a whale I could tickle my way out.


Reis O'Brien said...

Oh... my... GOD! I had totally forgotten (suppressed the memory of?) the Mighty Heroes cartoons! As soon as I saw them changing into their hero alter egos, I was hit in the face with the sledgehammer of nostalgia.

I remember that this cartoon scared me a little. Not sure why. The guy made of rope was a little freaky.

Nice find, mi amigo.

Wings1295 said...

Oh, I SO remember the Mighty Heroes! Used to watch them all the time. Of course, it was probably what, the same 13 episodes over and over again? Loved them.

Don't remember the second carton, though. Interesting!