Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nacho Hat

THIS is why man developed thumbs and our big brains in the first place. To create edible hatwear. We truly live in a golden age people though technically this is really a SALSA hat because by the picture I do not see the cheese, hot peppers, or sour cream. Perfect around the campfire but really only if I am taller than her. Though if she IS just sitting there I see no reason why she can't also act as a snack platter. (Anyone still wonder why I am all alone?)


Wandering Coyote said...

OMG - that is so effing funny!

Wings1295 said...

That is... something. Not sure how keen I would be to eat "chips" that were sitting on someone else's head, but whatever floats your nacho boat, I suppose. :)

Cora said...

Pffft! And people usually flip out if they find a hair in their food!