Saturday, June 20, 2009

I AM Big, Its the Pictures That Got Small

Well I put out the call and it seems that the heroes have stepped up to fight the never ending battle in the Tentacle Wars. Its only a matter of time until we have the cephalopod menace on the run. I got the submarine car, I got the bubble helmet, I got the allies. Next comes my book and the movie. George Clooney expressed interest in playing me in the film and I suppose he is an alright choice. But can anyone really capture the cool that is Big Daddy? Liberties with the story will be taken but that happens when you are working with Hollywood. Maybe it would be better to go with HBOs idea for the miniseries. Best to capture the subtle nuances of my story. (thanks to Steve and Michael for these pictures)

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Wings1295 said...

Hahahahaha - Great pics! I am sure the movie will be a hit. Well, at least with the above-sea crowd!