Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Dead

If this is true then how will I get my MIGHTY PUTTY or KABOOM? I love that stuff with Pepsi. Well at least we know that Hell now has all the frantic informercials they will ever need to fill those late night hours. Anything that ruined the late night/early morning movie landscape on television has to be from the Devil himself. I have a special hate for infomercials that show how crappy your black and white life is (or was) until this new magical product came into your life. The magic pancake maker is my most/least favorite especially when they provide you with a heart shape mold so that your family can really know that you love them because NOTHING say love like heart shaped cooked batter. With Vince the SHAMWOW guy beating up hookers, who will step forward to fill the infomercial pitchman void? Let me know if you find out so I can put my voodoo death curse on him as well.


Anonymous said...

You're happy that someone died just because you aren't fond of infomercials???
What the fuck, dude?

Anonymous said...

Ed McMahon
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson
Billy Mays

who’s next?

Wings1295 said...

Don't forget David Carradine...

And since Mays, you can add:

Gale Storm

Fred Travelena