Thursday, March 25, 2010

3999 Posts - Can You Believe It?

I am pretty impressed with myself actually. Sure I do alot of reblogging of things other people have found but I like to think I put my own spin on them. I can say without a doubt that every post is there because for some reason or other, I found the topic or image to be cool.

I have varied interests and I am grateful to those who have chosen to share those interests with me either by visit or comment. It's a shame we all can't just teleport to a cafe in Paris or Antarctica for a weekly bull session. I am confident that my 'people' would solve the world's problems in an afternoon. Even if we didn't it would be some of the most interesting conversation around.

My unlimited love to you all. Here's to the next thousand posts and the thousands after that.


Fnord said...

Congradulations! I was happy to get to 100 posts! lol

Drake said...


I think i'm at 396 and not quite a year yet in blogging.

Unknown said...

friggin candles would burn the house down... how many is that in dog years?
i want you on dancing wit the stars!

you are the master of ceremony!

DrGoat said...

Congradulations Cal, and worth every word. And how about a small cafe right off the Grand Canal in Venice. I know just the one. Best hot chocolate in the world. Enough to make your hair stand on end.

Wings1295 said...

Unfreakin' believable, dude! You are the blogging machine!

So, you should hit 5,000 when? This summer? Yeehaa!

Megan said...

Amen, brother. Keep on keepin' on!