Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why '24' Deserves To Be Cancelled

I read today that Fox cancelled '24' (which may be picked up by NBC who desperately needs prime time programming to fill the gap created by the failed Jay Leno Show) and my initial reaction is that I don't really care.

For the past week, the 13th episode has sat in my download file because I had little or no interest in seeing it. At one time this show was the top of my 'watch' stack. What is the reason for that? I have several theories.

1. It's all been done before.

How many plots to blow up a city by Muslim terrorists can we see before it all blends together? The initial twist of having the show take place over the course of a day is no longer fresh. It just feels hurried and chaotic where before it was organic and elegant. I am sick of Jack's hyperbolic dialogue. It's not entertaining me anymore, it's just stressing me out. Also I wonder is there are any actors that can sound or look Muslim even around anymore.

2. The too smart and too invincible Jack is not realistic.

Sure this show always walked a fine line between what was realistic and credible but this season Jack seems to have a script on his lap the whole time and is able to ALMOST out think the terrorists. Too many last minute escapes and Jack's nearly invulnerability has stretch believability for me. Everything seems scripted and so much more less organic than in previous years. He gets stabbed and tortured several times in the earlier episodes but goes on like nothing ever happened. After all he has gone through in the past 8 seasons (gassed, shot, stabbed, tortured with electricity, held in a Chinese prison camp, poisoned with experimental viruses, blown up) he would be too damaged to ever come back that fast again. I am not buying it. They should have replaced him with another super agent years ago. May I blaspheme and suggest Ricky Shroeder who did a good job years ago when he worked with Jack. Keifer deserves a break.

3. Too many uninteresting or silly side stories

How Katie Sokoloff could get away with providing intel to her skeevy ex boyfriend so he could rob a police evidence facility is laughable. She is borderline psychotic and the fact that no one noticed what she was doing doesn't pass the sniff test. At her level of expertise and access she would have shut down this blackmail attempt right quick and approached her superiors regardless of the threat of losing her job. Also how her superiors never discovered she even HAD a false identity is not realistic. No one just POPS out of thin air without records of their former life without getting caught. You show us countless scenes where CTU can call up the most obscure piece of data on a person's life but THIS slipped past you. BAH!

4. CTU - most vulnerable and insecure complex EVER!

For a counter terrorist hub you would think that CTU would have learned from past years and upped their security and employee vetting methods. Spies who are working for the enemy seem to have limitless access to CTU systems. Just now I watched the entire operation shut down by an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) bomb that rendered all of their systems inert...ONCE AGAIN. Might as well just set up in a McDonalds and get some fries with your policing.

5. You can pretty much assume that anyone leading CTU will either die or go crazy.

That job is a worse killer than a Russian submarine. The stress of one bad day causes highly functioning individuals to lose their minds. They make critically bad command decisions right when the plot needs them to be ignorant the most JUST to advance the story. This year the CTU chief gives an agent unknown to him with a shaky history (one Jack Bauer) virtually control over a critically dangerous operation and pays for it as they all do. Jack may be good but he is a widow maker. It may take several seasons but once you meet Jack, my advice to anyone is to start the clock because your time is running out.

6. ONE GOOD THING - at least Elisha Cuthbert is not around to be kidnapped five more times this season. I am thankful for that. The second I saw her little daughter I feared the worse. However, this season is only half over so it is probably coming soon.


Laura said...

I have to admit that, despite Keifer Sutherland being a Canadian (which usually requires me to watch a show), I have never seen 5 seconds of "24".


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It was good for many seasons. It's time is just up and it is a heavy committment to make to a show. You really need to see all episodes to enjoy it fully.

Green Stone said...

The only episode I've ever seen was the one where Shaun Majumder, despite being an Indian-Newfie, plays a Arab terrorist who nukes LA.

TS Hendrik said...

I never could get into it. I watched the first half a season then bailed.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I' proud to say I have never watched an episode of this right wing torture porn.

Anonymous said...

I think I watched the first four seasons (or three?), but I was sick of it by then. I didn't know it was still going! :(

Kelly Sedinger said...

How about the fact that torture ALWAYS works on 24? Torture never results in someone telling Jack what he wants to hear or sending him chasing a wild goose?

I missed the first season, watched the next three, skipped the next two, and then watched again last year. Last season totally ground to a halt in the final episodes until the finale was just a chore. I watched the premiere eps this year, but haven't bothered to watch since.

aironlater said...

Honestly, I never really liked this show. And it's a shame, because I love Keiffer. He's always been a favored actor of mine, but the show - while it seemed to start of quite well - never really set well with me. There always seemed to be an air of "this is how Republicans kick fucking ass" to it, and as if almost on queue, during the 08 election cycle, the Republicans were using Jack as a fucking talking point. I mean, come on. I could babble on for hours about this, but even though the premise was interesting for about 24 minutes ( pun intended ) I'm not going to get all teared up that it's gone, as it was never part of my weekly consumption of audio/visual stimuli. I do, however, hope Keiffer gets a new a better gig soon.