Friday, March 26, 2010

Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

"I've got a dream 'bout a boy on a star
Lookin' down upon the rim of the world
He's there all alone and dreamin' of someone like me
I'm not an angel but at least I'm a girl"

I love this freakin' song. If I can pick one 80s movie that just reminds me of everything cool about that decade it's 'Streets of Fire' (A Rock n Roll Fable). The actors are cool (Diane Lane, Michael Pare, Rick Moranis, William Dafoe), the soundtrack was cool and the whole '50s meets the 80s vibe' was done perfectly.

I especially like the two songs that open and close the movie. Diane Lane has never been sexier. Just watch how she moves and the way she holds that old fashioned microphone.

There is a moment in this song (which comes at the end of the movie and sums up it's whole message for the kids out there - tonight IS what it meant to be young) when the guitar player and Ms Lane are back to back ('It's gonna be OVER, before you know it's begun') that just trills me each of the thousand times I have watched this video (2:03). The edit of this song is brilliant and flawless.

Also, is there a better group name then 'Ellen Aim and the Attackers'? I think not.

The way Michael Pare's character lingers to watch his one true love do what she does best - before walking away from the world he can never be a part of - breaks my heart. I wish those two crazy kids could have made it work.

In my first year of college I was a Drama major and one of the assignments was to bring in a song that would inspire our classmates to move in different ways. Some songs kids brought in were tough ('Yesterday' by the Beatles???? - how many ways can I pretend I was a leaf being blown around by the fall winds?). I so totally remember the moment the light went on in my head about the only piece of music I could submit.

This was the song I chose. A++. People were doing solo stuff and group stuff and spinning and jumping. It was very cool. Everyone knew the movie so at the end we were all trying to do the same thing Ellen and the 4 black guys do near the end of this song. It was a 'moment'.

I had to include the other Ellen Aim song from the movie because "there's nothing wrong with going nowhere baby, but we should be going nowhere fast".


Nomad said...

Most Awesome movie music video.
mutch better than Bill and Ted's opening movie music video for Big Pig's Breakaway.

Nomad said...

Is she really singing.