Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sometimes My Comments Even Impress Myself

I am actually loving all this loser/sour grapes stupidity in the US. Expose the haters and the lunatics in one moment, round them up, put them in the Thunderdome and lets have us a good old fashioned turkey shoot.

Keep talking tea baggers. You don't get the fact that your name is a joke nor do you get the sexual reference and what a 'tea bagging' is.

Also you are too stupid not to announce your hatred and evil plans to everyone around you so now when ONE of you crosses THAT line we will be justified in stomping every last one of you into dust.

Being on the winning side is kinda fun you know? I am waiting for homeland security to enter Congress and drag some of those right wing babies out by the scruff of their collars.

Hate speech is not free speech. Ask Anne Coulter about that when she crosses her adam's apple back over the border. Maple Syrup Homie don't PLAY dat!

wv - glesse - gotta be related to glee which is what I am feeling.

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DrGoat said...

I hope what you say comes to pass, but unfortunetly in the good ole US of A, we have a history of forgiving right-wing hate groups and trouncing us left-wingers. I for one am getting sick of republicans saying "the people are angry and don't want this health care plan", like republicans speak for everyone. It's basically a minority of angry people who are against anything that Limbaugh & Beck (and all those other pinheads) tell them to be against. Get them all riled up with lies and half-truths, then sit back and laugh all the way to the bank, literally. Plus some of them are just racist anyway. So, hope you are right, pard., we shall see, by Jove.