Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Bunny Is Having A Worse Day Than You

See what I did there? Instead of writing someBODY I wrote someBUNNY. It's a play on works and OOOO so creative. Right? Cause I switched them. And they sound alike. That is why it's funny. And there is a bunny so it's visually amusing also. Because of the bunny. Just showing y'all how the magic gets done here in the Cave of Cool - bunny friendly since 2008. (That means we like bunnies AND kitties)


TS Hendrik said...

Hahaha.... yeah no seriously he's having a crap day.

Laura said...

He looks a lot like one of the chocolate bunnies at "The SuperWalmart" eh!
Can I have a nibble of his ear???


Professor Chaos said...

Ooh, I see what ya did there!

Green Stone said...

Ahaha poor bunny.