Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Magic Trick Ever

When I taught I had a large collection of interesting or wild video to show my homeroom kids over lunch. Think of it as my own personal 'You Tube' before there was a 'You Tube'.

Sometimes it was a million mouse plague in Australia or a million dominoes falling in Japan or a real neat illusion or magic trick. They couldn't get enough of David Copperfield.

We all knew that what he was doing was a trick but it was a GOOD trick. Year after year THIS illusion was their favorite.

David Blaine to me is what Chris Rock called a 'trickless magician'. I consider what he does as stunts. Chris Angel has done some nice stuff but Copperfield is a true showman in the same vein as Harry Houdini. He always gave his illusions something extra that caused you to ask - WTF?


Nomad said...

holy shit!

California Keys said...

I saw him in Lake Tahoe when I was a kid. He's a great showman.... The whole rape island accusations are a little disappointing though...