Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7 Dwarfs Meme

Thank you cool visitor Megan for turning me onto this meme. One can never know enough about Big Daddy.

I have seen many doctors in the past six months only to see if they have anything useful to do for me. I was subscribed sleeping pills which don't help me sleep at all so I think he is trying some new age voodoo on me with the sugar filled sleeping pills.

Sometimes not sleeping makes me grumpy and sometimes not being able to come up with really cool things to blog about makes me grumpy. But then again so does the cat when he just stands at the door either not wanting to go out or not wanting to come in. I am his bitch way too often.

I love grocery shopping when I can get the juice I like and the proper ingredients so I can make the things I like. When you are used to Asparagus soup, potato soup is hardly a substitute. I am nearing 4000 posts and that makes me happy.

I need more activities to help me work up a good sleep. I walk each day and work out in the Cave's weight room but that isn't enough. Turning off my brain in the hardest part. I hate those moments between lying down and actually falling asleep.

I fall into crushes most everyday. Many are blissfully unattainable but when I get close to one that I think could be the real life thing, I tend to move away due to my desire to save her from being around me. By biggest fear is letting someone down.

No allergies and that is depressing because I love to sneeze. Who doesn't. Not like a week's worth but several good ones every day are nice. Spring cleaning means lots of dusting so who knows.

Sometimes I obsess about stupid things like the Cephalopod Menance and get scoffed at. Then for some reason those same people are no longer online. I think maybe they have joined some Amish community and given up blogging. But then I think that they have been GOTTEN TO and that is how they GETCHA. I feel stupid for ever putting people in danger in the first place.


Wings1295 said...

Well, now that is a different sorta meme! Cool stuff.

Megan said...

I always like your meme answers. I'm claiming I invented this until someone shows me otherwise. :)

Cora said...

What, no Snow White answer???? ;-)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I have never nor will I ever claim to speak for snow - she is an opportunist who used her sex to manipulate 7 lonely little miners.

vancouver mark said...

And not one of those miners regrets a damned thing. If she'd had just a little while longer there she'd be getting all their pension cheques, and they'd all smile like Dopey as they signed them over.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yup, Snow is a Ho.