Thursday, March 25, 2010

TV Times


You all thought Boston Rob was a genius. You all counted my boy Russell out of the game and then BAM SLAM CRASH! - a classic backdoor back stab. Anyone want to tell me now that Russell IS NOT the greatest player ever in the game of 'Survivor'? That 'villains' tribal council tonight was so sweet just for the look on Boston Rob's face. The king is dead, long live the king.


There is something about a quiet hero that the men all want to be and the ladies all want to be with. Timothy Olyphant from 'Deadwood' plays US Marshal Raylen Givens who has been transferred back to his old stomping grounds in Kentucky which puts him back in the company of people he thought he had gotten away from. These include his father who he has a sketchy relationship with and his old love.

In episode one he had to shoot his childhood friend so we know the man is conflicted but hell if he will ever show it. This show plays like a modern day western with a hero at the center we can believe in. He doesn't like to take his gun out of it's holster but if he does he is sure to use it to deadly effect. The character is based on a series of novels by Elmore Leonard so you know that the dialog is excellent.


Drake said...

Boston Rob was stunned when Russell out-smarted him. I wonder if we can get the Doctor Who producers to hire Russell as the next Master?

DrGoat said...

Should be good. I'm a big Deadwood fan.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I loved the look on Boston Rob's face -- "What the hell just happened? That's not how I planned it! How did he do that!" I'm not a huge fan of Russell, but I've hated Boston Rob for years. I can't fathom why CBS keeps putting him on their shows -- Survivor three times, and The Amazing Race twice! Why don't they just cut him a check for a million dollars and be done with it?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Boston Rob got himself all domesticated. Took away his edge. He's finding out that there is always a bigger deadlier hungrier fish.