Thursday, March 25, 2010

Award Season Never Ends In The Cave Of Cool

Brother Pat Tillett has given me an award. Oh yeh, the love just keeps flowing in and deservedly so. I am nothing if not prolific. Almost to 4000 posts and very few bums in the lot. It's about having a VISION bitches and realizing your potential as a blogger. It's a lesson to all you kids out there thinking of starting your own blog. DO IT. It will outlast your life and we always need more unique takes on our beautiful world. My unlimited love to you and especially to those of you that like Brother Pat have found their voice and can recognize and validate others. I enjoy your stuff everyday. So to pass this one on I will choose from my blog list those who have fresh content available daily.

Electronic Cerebrectomy and Tumblr, The Ladies At Court,
Eclectic Banana and Tumblr, Burger and Pretty Girls
Adventures in Nerdliness and Tumblr


Drake said...

Cool man, thanks. This award means a lot coming from the coolest guy in Canada if not the world!
I think you have one the best and most fun blog going.

Wings1295 said...

Congrats to you & all your awardees!

Unknown said...

can i just make a calvin award, that i will just give you every month that you deserve everyday!

in fact look in your mail box, i am making one for the whole year!