Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Speaking Of Toys

I made a pilgrimage to the 'Toys R Us' today to get my 'Night Fury Toothless' figure today (which I got and he is beautiful) and I noticed that all the other toys were of the 3 3/4 inch variety. I assume this was so that they could all ride the dinosaurs in scale (My Toothless measures about 7 inches or so high with a 12 inch wingspan).

I really don't like this. I hoped they would make a BIGGER Night Fury that a five inch Hiccup could ride complete with leather saddle and manufactured tail fin (like in the movie). Include 6+ inch figures of Hiccup's father Stoic with all his Viking Gear and an Astrid, also to scale. They don't have any figures of the other vikings and the ones of Hiccup are dumb. Where is Hiccup with saddle so that he can properly ride Toothless??? Even at the smaller scale he doesn't exist.

The other tiny figures from the Dragon movie have tiny parts and will not play well with my other figures in the Cave of Cool collection, where most of them are the 6 inch or bigger variety. Lots of people like the small GI Joe figures or the new Marvel 3 inchers but I prefer the larger Marvel Legends dolls. They just display better on the shelves.

Also the Mego-like dolls with the cloth clothing also look fantastic on display next to their plastic DC counterparts.

I hope this scaling down of figures is not going to be a trend. They still do have the larger figures out for the superhero themed movies and I don't want that to change.

Online the figure cost $26.99 but I got it for $11.99 - wtf? That is a huge difference.


California Keys said...

I was just going to come leave a comment on the previous post to let you know that I just saw a WalMart commercial advertising these toys....

Reis O'Brien said...

Wait...I thought that these were Walmart exclusives.How did you find them at Toys R Us? Is this yet another benefit of living in Canada?