Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dark Skies Recruits Me

How freakin' strange is this? I got a package in the mail on Friday containing the first and only year of the TV show, DARK SKIES. It's set in the early sixties and is the story of a congressional aide who is recruited into a mysterious shadow agency called MAJESTIC. This organization investigates and battles evil aliens who have been on Earth for decades.

It lasted only the 1996/1997 Television season and was created in response to the enormous popularity of the 'X-files' over at Fox.

What is the most strange is that I don't know who sent me this. There was no return address on the package and no note within.

I like to believe it's just one of my friends or followers playing a great prank on me. I love this conspiracy stuff. For a second there I thought this was background learning because maybe I was being drafted in a modern day version of MAJESTIC.

Maybe I have been right about the menace of the cephalopod all along, and. through my blog, they have figured out I am just the person they need to recruit for the struggle against these tentacled invaders.

Regardless, I have found a fun show to watch.


Nick Ward said...

I've never heard of this show but now I'm intrigued. The delivery method is even more interesting. I once found a book at a bus stop a little note written inside that asked me to read the book and then leave it at another bus stop when I'd finished. The book was - fittingly - Moby Dick. I haven't left any messages for a while but your blog still helps me start my day. Keep up the good work and don't let men in black take you away...

Hart Johnson said...

Totally love stuff like this! If they offer you a position at MAJESTIC, I totally want to write your story! (Conspiracy stuff is my favorite)

TS Hendrik said...

People are sending you random old tv shows in the mail? You are a blogging king, my friend.

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Kal said...

Not only the DVDs came on Friday but I also got a six pack of Pepsi Throwback today. I am the King aren't I?

Sure Alfred, add away. I will be adding sites to my blogroll this week and I think yours should make the list.

Pat Tillett said...

Don't pack
Don't take anything
Don't tell anyone where you're going
just go...