Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's THAT Time Of Year

Around the time when the weather gets colder, I get this craving for soup and sammiches. You would think I was pregnant. Tomorrow I am going to stock up on all the parts I need to deal with this hunger. Exotic flavors of soup like Asperagus and Brocoli with flavored croutons added for that extra zing.


Megan said...

Me da makes killer soup. He saves bits and pieces of things and when he has enough, he piles them all together and renders them down until he has this broth that...that... well.

When he goes, the secret will be lost forever. Because I don't think HE even knows how he does it.

Kal said...

I used to make a seafood soup like that in a huge pot every Christmas for my Father when he was alive. Everything from the sea I could find in the pot with spices and milk and whatever else I could think of (potatoes, vegies ect...) Would last for days and the last bowl was the best according to him.

My Mom makes a killer chicken noodle soup after the bird has been picked over.

CkretsGalore said...

Oh it is so that time of year!
I just wish I was at home to cook. Can't cook from a camp room.

Kal said...

What are you doing at a camp. Is this an all-womans prison camp? They deny you a hot plate? Those bastards! Thanks for the comment CkretsGalore (what does that mean?) and welcome to the conversation.