Thursday, October 28, 2010


Thanks again to Dez over at Hollywood Spy for giving me advanced word of a film I am very interested in seeing. I love movies where a group of people go somewhere dangerous and have to fight for survival. It doesn't matter if they are fighting against nature, monsters, or themselves - this is my favorite kind of film.

At first I cringed at the name James Cameron attached to the project but apparently he is only the producer and had nothing to do with the script. Also, for once, I think having a movie like this be in 3D or Imax 3D will only enhance the visuals. Being in those caves and feeling like you are really trapped should do a lot to increase the level of enjoyment for the audience.

I don't like caves, or heights or deep water. I am sure that I will be wetting my diaper throughout this one.


M. D. Jackson said...

Yeah, I get the same cringe when someone mentions James Cameron.

DEZMOND said...

glad you liked the trailer!

Kal said...

You have yet to let me down Dez. Like I said before - you are my go to guy for new movie news so keep doing the great work you do.