Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Will Not End Well

Meet a very realistic android called 'Actroid-F' with the F standing for fucking. You know the Japanese scientists only created it so that they could have sex with it. That has been their robot agenda all along. Just dress it in one of those school girl outfits and it's ready to go.

I have visions of this freakish thing becoming sentient right in the middle of a session with it's creator. First it clamps it's vagina down on the guy's penis then moves to to kill each and every males that has ever fantasized about screwing a robot. Before we can do anything about it, Japan is emptied of it's male population and Skynet recruits her for their T-200 line of vagina snapping terminators.

Remember you heard it here first.

Actroid-F, an ultra-realistic android developed by Japanese roboticist Kokoro, was publicly unveiled in Tokyo this week. With too-humanoid-for-comfort facial expressions, and her assigned role as inpatient caretaker (presumably to provide comfort and security), Actroid-F is proof positive of our impending demise.


Budd said...

Sarah Conner is -> way.

*Budd runs <- way.

M. D. Jackson said...

Creating lifelike humanoid robots is the necessary first step in the long road to the android apocalypse.

Bit of advice, Japan: STOP!!

Kal said...

They will never stop. That culture has a bad hard-on for robots.

Nomad said...

They have this bad hard-on because they don't like foreigners. (ie. no immigrant workers, instead just make robot slaves instead of economic ones)
I like robots. I like AI. But these are just creepy. The uncanny valley is too much for me.

Unknown said...

Sick little buggers those Japs... Might as well stick your dick in a blender