Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wayne Brady and Idi Amin

Earlier today I lost the first follower off my Tumblr site that actually took the time to tell me why he was cutting me off. It seems that my posting of this picture of Idi Amin with the caption - "Is Idi Amin gonna have to shot a bitch?" was hurtful to him.

I was referencing, of course, the hilarious scene from the Dave Chappelle show where Wayne Brady said - "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?"

I know that Idi Amin was a bloodthirsty tyrant but I thought the look on his face was perfect for the caption I chose. Was I wrong? Is it too soon to find humor in any situation involving someone responsible for mass killings of his own people? Maybe I am not PC or sensitive as I was in my youth.

Here is the short version where Wayne says his famous line. This is what I was shooting for with my captioning. Some people just take things so seriously.

For some unknown reason this long form video is reversed but it is still hysterically funny. You really see another side of Wayne Brady. Too bad Dave Chappelle gone and lost his mind because his show was once one of the funniest things on TV.


Sam G said...

I wouldn't sweat it Cal. Can't please all the people all the time.

Drake said...

I thought your tumblr was funny and i re-blogged it. I know it sounds cold but you really can't worry about offending someone when you make a joke about someone evil like Idi, Mel Brooks said once the best way to deal with Hitler was to make him into a joke. I think all leaders bad or good need to be made fun of from time to time.

Kal said...

Thanks buddy. The further I get from the moment the more I feel that you are right.

Pat Tillett said...

Cal, don't even give it another thought! If you can't make fun of a monster like Amin, then who can you!

JBond said...


His/Her loss.

I'd love to see the reasoning behind the exodus.