Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Call Goes Out To All True Believers

I would love to award a Cave of Cool Inc 'Medal of Freedom' to those blogs and individuals who have supported out war against the boneless cephalopods. Often the battle has been a lonely one but many brave individuals have stepped up, endangering both themselves and their families and pets to fight the good fight - to preserve all that is fine and right in our chaotic world.

I would like to have the option to award them this special honor and confirm that they are, indeed, vital to the success of our mission and the 'Cave of Cool' blog. I truly could not do all I do without their support.

With this 'Medal of Freedom' comes honorary membership on the 'Board of Directors' of 'Cave of Cool Inc' If you have to do TWO banner to encompass these ideas then that is okay. If you have the genius to combine both parts into one award, that is even better.

So if you have some skills out there and you are bored at home, work, or school - design me up something cool and you will get full credit for your efforts. In the case of many suitable entries I will allow YOU, the viewers to make the final decision.

I can also promise a true award of something 'Canadian' will be in the mail for you after a winner is announced. You know my philosophy and feeling on this issue. You know the elements I would need included in any successful effort.

My goal is to have a unique award that you can display proudly on your website so that all will know that you are NOT a collaborator, but a true soldier for freedom.

Now get to work and impress me. I know you can do it. It's time we took our fight to the next level.

My Unlimited Love to you all.

Director C'Kal
Cave of Cool Inc.


Sarah said...

Wish I was more of an artist for ya Cal...I have some ideas but putting them on paper without having the entire banner be stick figures is another story.

Kal said...

It's okay. It was just one of those massive ego driven ideas I have just before I go to sleep - when I am rular of the Earth and I have no subjects rioting in the main square of the capital city.