Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Of All The Cuts In The Latest US Government Budget, THIS One Bothers Me The Most


Unknown said...

There is some really great stuff that comes on PBS. It deserves support forever.

Lana Banana said...
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Lana Banana said...

i just shelled out almost $400 in their latest pledge drive.

yeah, and as a public school teacher (high school 9th grade-12th grade), i've taken almost 10% in pay cuts.

and I'M donating!


plus, my average class size is 42. you multiply that by 5 and that's over 200 students, daily, in my charge. to boot, i teach english, which means i grade 400 essays alone in a 10-week period. i'm not counting homework, classwork, or journals.

but i'm "over paid".


i have a BA in english from UCLA--graduated top of my class, summa cum laude, 3.867 GPA. AND i have an MA from LMU.

are you kidding me?!?!

over paid?

do they have any idea where i could take my overly-educated ass? or how much money i could be making in the private sector, were it not for my love of children, reading, writing and the craft of teaching?!?!

getting off my soap box now . . .

Kal said...

You should teach in Canada where you will be more respected.

I loved teaching English but you are right, the marking is a bear. I resent that I can't give all the time I would like to each written assignment.

I love 'American Experience' on PBS because I am a big time history buff.

Lana Banana said...

i LOVE "american experience"! i just used the "scottsboro" documentary to teach one of my most beloved novels: to kill a mockingbird.

did you know it's based off of a true story?

anyway, am i moving to canada or are you coming here?

the weather is better in el lay. i'm just sayin'.

Kal said...

"I might not be much, Mr Finch but I am still Sherrif of Macon country...and Bob Yule FELL on his knife."

I always win those 'quess which movie this line is from' with that one from 'Mockingbird'. One of the movies I always use to teach about racism because it's such a great, powerful tale. Of course you know Harper Lee only wrote the one book and suffered her whole life for the fame that it brought her. I broke her like it 'Catcher in the Rye' broke Salinger.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

You forgot to mention that its also America's only access to quality Canadian programming like "The Red Green Show".

DrGoat said...

PBS & NPR are also one of the only sources of news that gives you more than just the superficial aspects of news stories.
Repubs also want to cut funding to womens goups, food for children and of course Family Planning.

Paladin said...

I like a lot of the programming on PBS, although I listen more to NPR since I spend alot of time away from TV. This American Life is a particularly enjoyable show that I catch on the radio whenever I can. I support my local PBS and NPR stations during pledge drives.

The question is not whether PBS/NPR produces some quality programming. It clearly does. The question is whether the US Government has any business funding broadcast TV and Radio at a time when we are facing such pressing debt problems.

Nothing should be off the table when it comes to cuts, in my opinion. The problem facing us is that serious. Yes, that includes military spending and it certainly includes completely discretionary spending like Public radio/TV.

If PBS/NPR has as massive an audience as they claim, and produces quality programming that people want/need, then they will continue to exist via support from viewers and/or advertising revenue (if it comes to that). I've heard the argument that PBS funding from the government is so small as to be insignificant. I reject that premise completely.

If we can't suck it up enough to make the small cuts, how in the hell will we every have the balls to make the big ones?

Kal said...

Because you will NEVER make the big cuts that you should - way to pick little weak targets that can't fight you. Glad you started with the important things. Heating oil to poor families and Head start. Next you are going to tell me that collective bargaining in the problem.

Paladin said...

You're right, Cal. They may not have the resolve to address the problem of out of control spending. I hope they do because if they don't we're doomed - and I don't say that lightly. Both parties have participated in the spending free for all for too long and it has to stop.

Cuts will have to occur everywhere in order for the problem to be solved. This will be painful. This will mean that people will have to rely more on themselves than on the Government. This will mean that some people will loose their jobs, or funding for their pet projects. There will be much weaping and gnashing of teeth whenever the axe falls on the "favorite" of the particular weaping gnasher concerned.

It has to happen anyway.

As for the heating oil problem, if Progressives are truly worried about the high cost of heating oil perhaps they shouldn't do everything in their power to drive up the cost of oil and allow us to utilize the resources we have within our own country.

Or... maybe we can all get behind President Obama's solution and OK the 53 billion dollar high speed rail proposal. That will solve all our woes. The old folks can keep warm riding around on the train and swap stories with Vice President Biden.

Kelly Sedinger said...

The "Everybody has to suffer some cuts!" meme is pretty fucking stupid, since the Republicans will go to their graves before any rich people get taxed more. Which, by the way, would do EXPONENTIALLY more to solve the deficit problem that Republicans CLAIM to care SO much about, but clearly don't give a flat fuck about, than cutting PBS and kneecapping the unions that happen to vote Democratic while leaving alone the ones that don't, and all the other "deficit-cutting" measures that these assholes keep advancing every time they get their hands on power. We HAVE to cut PBS, which won't help the deficit noticeably one bit, but suggest that rich people get their taxes hiked, and it's off to the fainting couch for Republicans.

Republican policies created the deficits; Republican policies created the disaster of an economy. But please, let's do make fun of the high-speed railroads and parrot the "Both parties did this!" nonsense. Both parties did NOT do it. YOURS did. Suck it, Republicans.

(Oh, and fuck the myth of Ronald Reagan, too.)

Paladin said...

Jaquandor - Yeah... remember in the comments section of a recent post here were I said I respect your comments as being "thoughtful"?