Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dental Update

I had a pretty good consultation today. My dentist is a young go-getter who just zooms around the room. He also has the perfect hygienist. She is cute and talks really fast just like him. I LOVE that they didn't talk down to me or waste my time. Sometimes SLOW talkers can really be annoying.

I have to get a few crowns and some other stuff done but it all can be completed in one extended section. Apparently the sedation affects memory so it will feel like I have only been in the chair ten minutes when in actuality it has been hours of work. I am really happy with that treatment option.

He thinks all my teeth issues come from having really strong jaws that put enormous pressure on my chompers when I grind my teeth together. Me? Stress? Frustration? Inner anger and bitterness issues?

He don't me very well, do he?


DrGoat said...

That stuff is called Versed, a form of benzodiazepine. I had oral surgery a few years back. They usually mix it with a narcotic like demerol or morphine to give you a thrill and take the edge off the pain. Fun stuff.

Paladin said...

On the day my Grandbaby was born, I spent the morning having a tooth extracted (I made it to the hospital afterward in plenty of time to welcome my Granddaughter into the world).

The dental assistant was a smokin' hot little snippet of a gal with eyes that would knock you out. While I was in the chair making a mental note of that fact, she looked down at me and said, "You remind me of my Dad."

I don't know what hurt worse - the tooth extraction or that comment :)

Lana Banana said...

well, thank gahd.

i was very, very, VERY worried one of your teeth might come loose in our soup, and then i would choke on it and die.

very indecorous.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hooray for sedation! I was a teeth grinder when I was a kid but luckily grew out of it. Or else found some other bad habit as a substitute way to express stress. Yeah, that's probably it.

Kal said...

I am glad to hear that Dr. G. Now I think I am looking foward to work being done now.

Hey, she might have had a crush on her dad, Paladin. I am afraid I will say what I feel about my hygienist when I am under.

I am getting my teeth fix so that DOESN'T happen to you Lana. I hurt because I love.

Lana Banana said...

ok, ok, ok. me + you forever, again.

Pat Tillett said...

I hope it all goes well!
Say, can you hook me up?

Kal said...

Consider yourself, hooked my friend.