Saturday, October 28, 2017

Amber Arden Does Betty Rocketteer Cosplay

I know that NO ONE will believe me but it was ME that gave Amber the idea to include some Dave Steven's (the guy who created the comic book called THE ROCKETEER) art with the photo of her in the costume. About a half hour after I made that comment, this picture was posted. This officially makes me awesome. She never shows her stuff this way and now she did. I also like the way she chose to combine the art and the photograph and the art piece she chose. It just shows people how good the live action is next to the art.
This is what it looks like when you love what you do.

Okay, that is weird. The comment I made under the first picture is gone. But I wrote it, right? Only I can't prove it anymore. Did I not write it and she just thought of the same thing or did it get deleted deliberately? We will never know. Okay. What if she did that? She is just a cute little cosplay girl not a calculated cold blooded person. Right? This is the first time she combined the live and the cartoon btw.
Of course my beloved Riddle is the gold standard for Betty Rocketeer.


Why can't this movie be remade as a Netflix show with a generation of male and female Rocketeers and the tech gets passed from father to children and gets updated with the tech of the day? Because no one has any vision, that's why.

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