Saturday, October 28, 2017

Inhumans - Episode Six

The worst thing about the Inhumans is the actress playing Medusa and the lazy writing. Kirby made no mistakes and someone thought they could re-write history and with the mistakes they only showed those who know, that they cannot.

There is no rush. Get better Karnak before we get to the war - unless of course we have to do that quickly because there are only a limited number of episodes in the short season. I really like his casting and the casting of Gorgon and their whole story arc had a nice emotional pay-off. Karnak doesn't need ALL his fancy skills to be effective, something that Gorgon reminded him of. That was great writing. Too bad the rest of the series aren't up to the standard of those scenes which are fresh and thrilling without blowing your budget on special effects.

That is the second problem with Medusa. Why have her have powers in the first place if you never see her using them? She has no other skills than making up Black Bolt's conversations. More on that little thing later.

I hope this doesn't kill the idea of six episode seasons which is something they should do with the whole CW universe. Two six episode arcs a year like a trade paperback comic story. Less filler, more of what we love about the superheroes they love. All the CW shows are very well cast and the production values are high. It might open these shows to a whole new audience and bring back ones like me who no longer watch Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. They should always do a team-up movie for Christmas and you could use that tradition in their own series to keep things moving in some direction that newbies and fans can get into.

The show actually got better with each episode. It's not as bad as you have heard.

Crystal using her powers to create lightning was cool to see. I loved the look on her face.

Black Bolt makes a few stray hand gestures and Medusa translates ten sentences of what he is saying with his hands. I don't buy it for a second. Mount doesn't look like he's using American Sign Language because he is not. He should be but that would take to much time on TV. They don't even have telepathy but Black Bolt is show talking to the DOG with hand signals. He touches that Dog's antennae and boom they are where they want to be. Either Black Bolt or Lockjaw is telepathic. It's Lockjaw but on TV it should be Black Bolt. Maybe he and Medusa have a special connection in that way. She's the ONLY one who can reach him and allow him to communicate. She calms his fear because he knows she can speak for him to the world.

Maximus is an idiot to want to come to Earth. If he cared about his people he would know that he can't fight all of humanity and hope to thrive. But he is crazy so his decisions make no sense. He is Maximus the Mad after all. But he is so crazy that he get's let off the hook for his crimes when in reality he should die. But then you make him a martyr so you are only left with a crazy brother as a problem forever. This is where casting the actor they did as Maximus was a bad decision. It makes people think too much of the character he played in Game of Thrones and it's an unfair comparison. His bat shit crazy Maximus isn't bad and he'd be getting praise if we hadn't already seen it before. Well you guys. I just hear it's the same performance in both shows. The facial hair is also the same. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Again, Karnak and Gorgon would have their own Inhuman comedy sitcom in a perfect world. The way Gorgon figures out how to 'fix' what was broken about Karnak is brilliant. If you can't live up to your reputation then use your reputation to have an advantage over your enemies. Those scenes were thrilling. That is why the 'moment' actually felt real. That part of the show was a gift to Kirby and what he created.

It really is too bad that this show didn't have a chance to survive from the start because of bad press. It got better. I think it will continue to get better but we will never see it again. I didn't think that someone could screw up Kirby but they did just that. You never have to fix what was never broken in the first place.

Dave the Cool Surfer Dude. 'nuff said.

You attack Maximus with kitchen knives. KITCHEN KNIVES??

If you take a shot at the King, you better kill him with the first shot. Everyone knows that.

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