Saturday, October 28, 2017

Countdown To Halloween - OMG - Worst Fucking Halloween Candy, EVER!

Kerr's Candy social media team is defending the company's Molasses Kisses treats on Twitter after a newspaper derided it as "the worst Halloween candy."

Kerr's, which was founded in 1895, promotes the kisses on its website as "traditional Halloween taffy" and says the candies contain 10 per cent real molasses. The company's used the same recipe to make them for more than 70 years.

"They get stuck to the wrapper, they get stuck to your teeth and it's got this weird earthy taste that's disgusting to almost everyone under the age of 65," said Tristin Hopper, a National Post reporter, in a video originally published two years ago.

The Post republished the video Thursday with an article by Hopper reasserting his claim and lamenting that the kisses have yet to meet their demise.

These were always the last candies left in your Halloween candy bag. You kept them another six months and then tossed them when you realized at the same point every year that you were not going to eat them. There were that bad. Black Cat Candy we called them.
If they are only 10% Molassus then what makes up the other 90%?

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