Saturday, October 28, 2017

I Wonder If I Could Love A Girl Who Can Push More Weight On The Leg Press Than Me - Russia's Muscle Barbie

Because back in the day the leg press was my jam. Every kid had a favorite exercise or machine they used all the time in the gym at the base rec centre and we would all try to be about to do more reps with more weight with that particular exercise than the rest of the guys. We didn't really have an organized training routine but we liked having the bragging rights. I couldn't bench as much as most guys and many girls would beat me at powerlifting but I was a beast with the leg press. I may not be an attractive man but I have the leg strength and calves of a God. I could also go toe to toe with the lat pull down bar and do more reps than anyone of the crew I hung out with. But nothing like this. Her face is pretty but I don't know about the whole muscular look. I mean she's practically a superhero and you have to admire the dedication.





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