Saturday, October 28, 2017

And I Saw It Live

I have watched her for years play the game.
An amazing curler and a fine looking woman.

You know this kind of thing makes me nuts. Let me explain the game of Curling to you. Each team alternates players and each of four players throw two rocks each for a total of eight rock for each team in each of 8 ends. So the other team have EIGHT chances to stop the other team from nearly scoring with ALL their rocks. This is akin to a hockey team still playing the game if the other team didn't show up. They would just keep throwing pucks into the empty net until the time ran out. And this is the TOP level of the game against the TOP team in the WORLD right now from Sweden, Team Hasselborg. Sure Jones is maybe the greatest team of women to ever play the game but still. SEVEN. A FUCKING SEVEN! This only happens when one team of Lunch Buckets plays another one at a local curling club. NEVER at this level have I see it in 52 years of watching Curling.

As Olympic commentator Mike Harris put it, an eight-ender in curling is about as rare as a hole in one (I'd say even more rare).
A seven-ender is only slightly more likely. In other words, it is extremely rare that a curling team - at any level, never mind the Olympics - manages to score 7 points in an end. The most you can score in an end is eight.

I can't find a picture of the seven ending that I saw tonight but here is a look at the one that Eve Muirhead of Scotland pulled off in 2014. I have only seen that on tape. Oh and if you notice curling only produces FINE looking women. All women curlers with rare exceptions are pretty and strong at the top level of the game. I would rather watch Women's Curling than Women's Beach Volleyball.

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