Sunday, October 22, 2017

I Have Been Liking Me Some Valiant Comics Lately

Rapture #2 (2017)  // Valiant Comics

As Babel’s dark forces in the Deadside rise, the afterlife’s last chance at survival rests in the living’s greatest champions. But to save heaven itself, MI-6 agent Colin King – aka Ninjak– must confront his greatest fears…and place his trusted steel against the fantastic and unknown powers of sorcery. With Punk Mambo, Tama the Geomancer, and the fallen hero Shadowman at his side, Ninjak will lead the supernatural’s greatest champions into a suicide mission against beasts and barbarians…and the very gods themselves!

I enjoy the characters in this shared universe. They impact and shape the kinds of stories that Valiant tells. The mythology is easy to get into and there is just enough history to make continuity interesting instead of a problem. Many characters seeking redemption and interesting team books.

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nolan said...

You had me at "Punk Mambo"