Friday, April 17, 2009

Good On You Pronk

One of the sites I visit often is Pronk's ( because I like the way he phrases his opinions and defends the things he believes in. Usually I get so infuriated by the Christian Right and their unbelievable willingness to sit in judgement of others, especially homosexuals, from their secret laden glass houses. The way they take the Bible literally speaks to a real lack of critical thinking skills. More often than not the same bigots are found to be hypocrites of the highest order and we all know that they are living on the wrong side of history. Anyone who likes good debate and intelligent reasoned arguments have to check out this comment stream about Paster Rick Warren's admission that he was wrong to oppose Prop 8 in California. They are so ready to follow Warren when he chears on their homophobia but are ready to throw him under the bus the second he veers from the party line. Pronk took on the haters and came out victorious though I suspect the debate isn't over yet. I was SWEEEET to read. Welcome to the revolution bitches.

You can read the entire thread here - (


Phronk said...

Thanks again dude. It is infuriating to interact with these people sometimes, but it also forces us to question our own beliefs, which is always good. I just wish they'd question theirs, too.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Is same sex marriage legal in Canada (or any provinces)?

I never really had an opinion until the last US presidential campaign when Dennis Kussinich (sp?) argued that it is not gay rights, but human rights at stake.

I am an Atheist who lied to a priest to be married in a catholic church to make my then future mother-in-law happy. Does that invalidate anyone's marriage? :-)