Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ray Guns of Edison Giacattoli

These are the kind of guns I wish I had as a kid. I would have been all over these. Being a base brat we would play 'guns' all the time and we were packin a weird assortment. I had my cowboy six shooters in my fancy two gun holster rig, my James Bond spy pistol that fired a kind of grenade looking thing, a plastic Zorro sword, rubber knives, a homemade bow and arrows and the 'piece du resistance"- a spent tube from the one shot bazookas our dad's trained with. Once the ordinace was fired you had a green plastic tube with site and trigger still attatched. Instead of throwing them out our Dads brought them home for us. We ALL carried those into battle. One kid carried nothing BUT the bazookas. Like some human Gundam. Wicked cool times. Some kids had the plastic linings from their Dad's metal helmet. I had the web belt with canvas pouches for my caps and other necessities - mostly candy. And YES I also wore a cape - hey were were fighting for control of the planet people...THE PLANET!

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