Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Kitty WTF?

I don't drink beer because I never developed a taste for it. I always felt bad about that like I never gave beer enough of a chance. Finally I have a real excuse. I sincerely believe that once you cross the 'Hello Kitty' line you can't ever be manly or cool again. My friend Jennifer was always losing things so I bought her a Hello Kitty fanny pack just to mock her lack of organization skills but the joke was lost on her. She never did stop losing things but now she thinks its cute. Fuck you Hello Kitty. You are the devil. (thanks to Lisa Mynx for informing me that this is a non-alcoholic beer just to get kids used to the taste - double fuck you Hello Kitty)

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Unknown said...

i thought that looked like bad photoshop so i looked it up and i was right-- there is a non-alcoholic 'hello kitty' available however to entice the children to develop a taste for beer early...
i remember a stand-up comedian talking about non-alcoholic beer and saying that was like making liver with no vitamins or whatever, "just for the taste of it"