Thursday, April 23, 2009

WTF? Kal in Bizarro World

Just after enjoying the glow I got from Michael May's compliment I went to the Other Side of Normal ( only to see THESE -

My name is Calvin but online and in emails its Kal in deference to Kal-el, Superman's name on Krypton. Now first of all I am ALL over Robotcop wanting to 'love me long time' or noticing how 'lesbian' I am looking but how does he know who I am by name? Its been the weirdest of days. Colder than cold in April and I ate a couple of soy hotdogs not knowing they had no meat in them which disturbs me more than you can know. Also there were NO discount chocolate Easter candy left at Wallmart because the Hutterites had filled their shopping carts with all of it. The HUTTERITIES! I kid you not. I think I got off the bus at Bizarro World.

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